Glamour Jackets is one of the reputed and reliable online jacket sellers that always strive to

protect client’s data. In doing so, we strictly follow the International Internet Privacy Act. Here,

we assure you absolute information safety and protection.

Now explore our privacy policy defining the ways we service you by providing safe and secure

online service:

Gathering and Use of Your Information

Glamour Jackets gathers the following information of the dearest clients:

We gather these details from the respected client and use during transaction when such a client

prefers our online store to make a transaction. All the orders are mostly followed-up by client’s

email. When a client is not responded, we use phone number to contact. Keep in mind we don’t

fill your mail box through our marketing and promotional messages, until and unless you’ve

subscribed for these.

Gathering and Use of Financial Information

We gather the client’s financial details for our various merchants and retailers that are absolutely

trustworthy. It means that we have no record about your financial details. Our various reliable

merchants and retailers have been operating in the industry with state-of- the-art security

management systems to save all details. Here, we always strive to make sure that all your details

are gathered and used only for the mentioned purpose.

Modifications to Privacy Policy

The absolute right of Glamour Jackets is that the company can amend and modify this privacy

policy when required.

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